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North Plain region

(Historical Mushkur)

Khudat Khachmaz Yalama seashore

Routes of tourist-excursion trips of holiday (1-3-days)

1-days route
Departure at 9.00 from Baku in Northern region / 200-230 km. / by route: 
a) Baku Khyrdalan Sumgait H.Zeynalabdin Kilezi Sitalchay Zarat Natural boundary of Beshbarmag Siyazan Devechi Gyandov Agalyg (former Beynalmilal) Tezekend forest tract Khachmaz Khachmaz forest tract Naradjan Palchigoba Gusarchay railway station Khudat forest tract (190 km on highway of II-III category about 3-4 hours);
b) Khudat coast of the Caspian Sea Mukhtadir Ashagyoba Mesheli Dalgaly Nabran Guneshli Dostlug Shimal Khazar Tourist (30 km on highway of III category up to 1 hour).
c) Arrival (13.00-14.00) on Yalama seashore and rest in one of tourist complexes, in a wood or at seaside of Caspian Sea (about 5 hours)
d) Returning to Baku (17.00-18.00 up to 21.00-22.00)

2-days route    
1st day Departure city in Northern region (on a route of the previous 1-days tour) by the choice of tourists, excursions can be lead:

- To a place of archeological excavations on a site of ancient Shabran settlement;
- On lake at Gulalan settlement;
- Short sightseeing tour (till 1 o\'clock) in Khachmaz city.   
- Arrival on Yalama seashore and accommodation in one of the recreation zones (by the choice of tourists and preliminary reservation places in Baku).
  2nd day Tourist rest at coast of Caspian Sea, in aqua parks or in woodland of Yalama wood summer residence (at wish of tourists, the tourist actions on productive leisure can be lead in a wood and on water). 
- Returning to Baku (16.00 20.00) 


1st day by the program of 2-days tour.
2nd day - Tourist-excursion rest on Yalama seashore (at wish of tourists, it is possible carrying out of others tourist actions both in Khachmaz, and in Guba-Gusar regions)
3rd day - Continuation of tourist rest at Caspian Sea.
- Returning to Baku (in coordination with tourist group)

Under applications of tourists and the various organizations, it is possible to carrying out lasting many days tourist, including family rest, and also mass tourist and sports actions in area of an arrangement of various tourist complexes and recreation zones in Khachmaz-Khudat region.   

Productive leisure
 - The pedestrian walks (1-3 hours) in vicinities of places of accommodation and rest on Yalama seashore and in woodland of Yalama wood summer residence.
 - Foot campaigns (trackings) and travel (1-3 days) in territories of Tezekend, Khachmaz, Khudat and Yalama forests tracts.
 - Walks, trainings and competitions by sport orientation with a compass and a card-scheme on the ranges are located in forest tract:
 - Khachmaz forest (Yekaterinovka and Akhmedbulag).
 - Khudat forest (an artesian source at 6th Branch, Perdegiran and Lejet).
 - Yalama forest (Selimoba, Tel, Khazar, Shimal, Dostlug and Nabran).

 - Carrying out of trainings and competitions on technics of foot tourism on woody range in area of a camp site Dostlug (natural boundary Dum and river Deligobu).
 - Trainings on various sports and trainings on simulators on athletic fields and in fitness clubs of tourist centers Khazar and Dostlug, and also in recreation zones such as Ober Lux, Malibu, "Green Vill", and "Lotus".
 - Rest on beaches at coast of Caspian Sea in areas:
 - of Khazar and Dostlug camp sites.
 - of rest zones Shimal, Sakhil, "Medik", "Svyazist", "Lotus", "Palermo", "Flamingo", Bellissimo, Nabran, Kaspian, Ober Lux, "Khimik", Parkomunna, Istisu and Mukhtadir.
 - Motels "Ulduz", Borchali, Karvan and Farley.
 - Water rest, entertainments on water (aqua parks) and trainings by navigation on pools of recreation zones "Aquapark-Nabran", "Aquapark-Atlant", "Palma", Malibu, Ober Lux and "Green Ville".






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